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Technical Data


ICYNENE LD-C-50 Open Cell Formula   | CCMC | Data Sheet | Product Specs |

ICYNENE MD-C-200 Closed Cell Formula  | CCMC | Data Sheet | Product Specs |

FOAMSULATE ECO Closed Cell  | Data Sheet | Product Info |


MONOKOTE Z-3306 15 min Thermal Barrier  | Architectical Specs | Data Sheet |

MONOKOTE MK6 1 hour Thermal Barrier  | Architectical Specs | Data Sheet |

Vapour Block Paint  | Data Sheet

I am SO glad I decided to use Icynene to insulate the entire envelope of my house. We did a full-renovation, and the 100% air barrier has been fabulous. Ameri-spec tested our house for the federal renovation grant, and said we were more heat efficient than most of the new "green" homes going up on the west side. Icynene definitely contributed to the $3800 rebate we got.
Tim, South Lethbridge